Hendrik Boom's web site

I am a computer scientist and a constructive mathematician. My technical interests range through the ultrapractical, such as code optimisation, the scientific, such as relativity and quantum mechanics, to the philosophical.

Here's a brief, but incomplete, resume.

I write unpublished fiction. No, it's not available here. That would be publication, and it's mostly not ready.

But I have played in a small way with video game implementation. I took up the liberated pixel cup challenge in my spare time during July 2012, partly as an exercise to learn Ocaml. I've posted the code here. The game works as of now, but I haven't had time to make any embellishments. I didn't expect to win the prize, and I didn't. I find it pleasant as a ten-minute diversion from time to time.

This site is still very much under construction, and probably always will be.


Pictures for the Racket Standard Fish challenge are here.


If you'd like to write to me, send to hendrik AT topoi.pooq.com.


I have a blog on dreamwidth. It gets updated every year or two. It is now mirrored on livejournal. Older posts were originally posted on livejournal, and it's possible a few have been damaged in the move to dreamwidth.


Other people's stuff

Uncurated Public Bookmarks

I've started maintaining my own bookmarks files, instead of leaving it to the browsers. Here are the public entries, in case anyone is interested. This is not a curated list of recommended links. This is a collection of miscellany I encountered and thought I might like to look at them someday. Some of them I have never looked at yet. If you see anything that should not be public, please tell me.

Anime and manga

Some brief descriptions

Meme collection

A collection of internet memes, collected from google plus (before Google killed off this vibrant community), facebook, and elsewhere.

-- hendrik