I have put a few pointers to mathematical and educational material on a page of its own.

I have been asked to comment on the mathematics in Badiou's book Being and Event

And here are some Computer projects

Procedural generation

I'm starting to tinker with automatic text generation in the context of nanogenmo.

I managed write code to generate a story about John Baez counting. That's a pdf. If you have a standards-compliant browser that supports mathml, you can read it as a web page. Chrome does not support mathml, so you'd be wasting bandwith using chrome on that page. Firefox worked just fine when I tried it.

I'm tinkering with 2D and 3D procedural generation. Landscape generation is described in the Computer projects page. I'm experimenting with attribute management in procedural generation. See my Rackettown github repository for details. Please try it out. I'd like to get bug reports and other useful discussion.