Here's a brief, informal resume.

Hendrik Boom

1968: M.Sc in Mathematics, university of Manitoba.

1974: Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Faculty of Mathematics at the Uiversity of Waterloo. This involved escape analysis in the presence of confounding language features like pointers and procedure variables.

1972-4: Post-doctoral fellowship under Barry Mailloux, implementing Algol 68. I got a fair ways into that compiler in the two years I spent thare -- I got the front end working, but not the code generator.

1974-78: Wetenschappelijke Medewerker at the Mathematical Centre in Amsterdam. I was persuaded to continue work on the compiler, though the resources available were far from adequate.

1978-present. Member of IFIP Working Group 2.1 on Algorithmic Language. (Membership in IFIP working groups is by invitation only, after an examination of the candidate's contributions.)

1979-81 Two years teaching computer science at Northeastern University.

1980-1981: Consultant for Dialog/Verbex on systems language design

1981-1988 Assistant professor of computer science at Concordia University in Motreal.

1988-1990: implemented OSI communication protocols at SR Sytems.

1990-1994: worked on C and C++ interpreters for Visual Edge, part of their User Interface Management system for X.

1994-present: Stayed home as father to mind the family.

Present: still at home, family has mostly grown up and moved out, and it's time to look for something else to do.

Current interests:
Programming, programming language design, foundations of mathematics, writing fiction, some interest in quantum gravity. I enjoy using my existing skills doing things that haven't been done yet, or, at least, that I haven't done yet.

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-- hendrik