The Shadow Chronicles are a set of Ranma fanfiction novels written by Mark MacKinnon. Unfortunatly I have been unable to contact him to obtain permission or guidance for the conversion to .epub form. Please contact me if there are any errors in the conversion, or if you thimk this version does not meet Mark's artistic intentions. And if you are Mark MacKinnon, please write me and let me know what you think of it, and what you'd like changed.

I've made several minor editorial changes that seemed necessary for epub file format, such as having the main title and credits of each volume appear at the beginning of the entire volume, instead of at the beginning of each chapter. Similarly, the titles of some chapters have been moved to the start of the chapter, even though the original begins with a prologue.

I have also corrected a few spelling problems, such as changing "fiance" to "fiancé" (but not changing "defiance") and removing some paragraph breaks in midsentance, which I suspect were artifacts of conversion to html.

The source copy I started with is on the Shadow Chronicles web page. That's as close to original source as I've been able to find.

I tested these on a Kobo. I haven't been able to fix one problem that occurs several times. A spurious page break appears in the middle of a chapter. It is immediately followed by a copy of the first paragraph of the chapter. After that, the text resumes properly, except that the entire page has spurious page numbers in the margin. I've examined the .epub files myself. This weirdness is not there; it appears to be a bug in the Kobo software, and has reached level two tech support. I hope Kobo releases a fix or a workaround soon.

Here are the five volumes, in epub form. You may have to right-click on these links and request "download" or "save link as" or something similar depending on your browser:

The Prodigal Mother
the Heart's Reasons
Doors Best Left Unopened
On A Clear Day You Can See Forever

I do not know whether this last volume is finished. The story ends on a mild cliffhanger. It may be that another entire volume is waiting to be written. Check the official web site. Let me know if I'm no longer up-to-date.


-- Hendrik Boom