Englishman here. I’ve been to Xinjiang. Back in 2019, I hired a car with my then girlfriend and drove around the area around Urumqi (hours and hours of driving, but probably wouldn’t look too impressive on a map - Xinjiang is colossal). We went to many villages and some really beautiful places.

This part of China is very different from Shanghai which is where I’ve lived since 2015. It’s heavily policed. If you go into markets, hotels, shopping malls and places like this, you need to pass through a metal detector. There are surveillance cameras in a lot of places and all shops and restaurants have riot gear (really, I’m not joking).

If you drive through to different regions, you’ll need to pass through police checkpoints where the police check and log your ID and search your vehicle for anything offensive. They do this to everybody, regardless of gender, race or nationality. Also, worth noting - the police are multi-racial (Han, Uyghur, etc).

There has been a lot of problems with security in that region. Problems that result in innocent people who want to buy fruit in the market ending up dead or in hospital missing body parts. Are the government supposed to just sit back or are they supposed to protect the innocent?

To summarise, no, I didn’t witness any crimes against humanity. Security was heavy, but given the fact that the threat of terror activity is high, what would you expect? I’ve been in London when there has been heightened activity and seen armed police everywhere. It’s the same thing.

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This is an excellent question as the distinction between data engineers, data scientists, and data analysts is often a source of confusion. Let's start by defining the data engineer's role since it's the most distinct one amongst the three. In any data-driven organization, data scientists

Hi, I don’t live in China. But I can show you people living in Xinjiang, in China, including many uyghurs who post their videos online as video bloggers and youtubers.

For people who wonder about the lives of uyghurs in China.

I think that one of the best proves that there is no “genocide”, or “mass concentration camps” and systematic abuse of uyghurs is probably to show that they have pretty decent, happy normal lives, just like anybody else.

So, here are some uighur vlog channels with ( just random normal daily life - non-politicized ) vídeos about the live of uighur vloggers living in Xinjiang, showing how live is there in reality, showing if they study, if they work, the time they spend with family and friends, their travels and leissure time, etc…

A part of me kinda feels bad about politicizing the issue about channels which are nothing political at all. But the people of the world need to see this, because this is reality.

Here’s a Youtube channel (which I guess is originally a Bilibili or Weibo channel) of a Xinjiang uighur vlogger living in Xinjiang, and also uploads her videos to Youtube:

这 个YouTube频道是新疆安妮古丽的官方频道,各位观众小伙伴们不要迷路啦! 大美中国,记录生活,我在风景里等你!安妮古丽带你看遍新疆,吃遍新疆,玩遍新疆! 未经允许,禁止盗运视频,转载请注明出处! 标签:新疆 维吾尔族 爱生活 地址:新疆乌鲁木齐 I am a Uighur girl from Xinjiang...

I repeat, this are not political videos, just her normal daily live and travel experiences in Xinjiang living a happy normal live. Her name, traduced would be something like Annie Guli, well in reality, the channel is about two girls, one is Annie and the other is Guli, but Annie is in college or something like that, so Guli is the one that keeps making and uploading more videos since I don’t know when.

She has multiple lists of videos:

这个YouTube频道是新疆安妮古丽的官方频道,各位观众小伙伴们不要迷路啦! 大美中国,记录生活,我在风景里等你!安妮古丽带你看遍新疆,吃遍新疆,玩遍新疆! 未经允许,禁止盗运视频,转载请注明出处! 标签:新疆 维吾尔族 爱生活 地址:新疆乌鲁木齐 I am a Uighur girl from Xinjiang, China. Thank you for watching my video. Welcome to Xinjiang! You can search for me through the links below: https://www.toutiao.com/c/user/99121303131/#mid=1604324956123149 https://weibo.com/u/6531680565?is_hot=1 https://space.bilibili.com/349701744?from=search&seid=3123398374111199151

(Note: I’m using Google Chrome traductor function to translate text image above so people could read the titles of the video playlists, I shall also note that there’s the possibility that some of her videos might not form part of a playlist, however I don’t know that)

Just look at those list of videos of this Xinjiang Uighur girl living a happy normal live, one list have 82 videos, another 53, another 61, there’s one with 101 videos, there’s even a list with 517. This is real live, not the bullshit that BBC, CNN, Fox News, DW, Reuters, Sky News Australia, Wion News, and pretty much the entire European Union / NATO / 5 Eyes Western Media cartel wants you to believe.

Among some of my favorite videos from that same channel, because of how they illustrate real life in Xinjiang, which is extremely different, even opposite to what western media claim are these videos:

This is a high school in Xinjiang, video taken from an independent uighur vlogger herself, not the chinese government, if you don’t want to believe in them, at least believe the normal random people citizens that do live inside Xinjiang in China, most of the kids in this video are probably uighur, althoug I assume some might be of other ethnicities, just a happy normal day for them in school with their friends:

This one here is about an open air fair with acrobats and a marathon, with happy people everywhere enjoying the activities. Again, I repeat, this is not a chinese government news channel, just normal vlogger uighur girl living a normal peaceful happy live in Xinjiang, there are many uighurs there too in this video, some of them are dancing traditional uighur dances:

Here is a video about her having happy, fun, loving, quility time with her family:


Here’s another channel of another uyghur vlogger living in Xinjiang (more specifically in Southern Xinjiang), in China:

这个YouTube频道是新疆阿依图娜的官方频道,各位观众小伙伴们不要迷路啦! 爱生活,爱娜娜,带你去看最真实的新疆人的生活! 未经允许,禁止盗运视频,转载请注明出处! I am a Uighur girl from Xinjiang, China. My name is NaNa , Thank you for watching my video. Welcome to Xinjiang!

Just like the previous channel, this is a vlog about her live, her time with her family and friends, her travels, etc… This is nothing political, this is just her normal daily live in Xinjiang in China.

She also have some playlist of videos

(I’m using Google Chrome browser traductor function for the screenshot above, it is also posible that some or many of her videos are not added to any playlist)

In this video, she’s visiting the house of some family members of her, because someone of her family gave birth to a baby. This is nothing political, just a video of her visiting some family.

Here is her having a nice quiality time with her family. Again this is nothing political, just her having a happy nice day with her family:

Here is a video of her skiing on snow. Again this nothing political, just her having some fun time skiing on the snow in Xinjiang:

Here’s another uighur vlogger

艾丽丝Xinjiang Alice
I’m Alice from Xinjiang, I hope you like my channel! Use the camera to record the simple Xinjiang!

None of her videos are added to a playlist compilation, but she has a lot of videos as well showing her live:

Like in this video, it says that she spend holidays with her mom:

In this video, she is going to a movie theater with her sisters, she says that she laugh a lot in the way to the movie theater:

Again, she’s just a normal uighur living in Xinjiang, in China, having a wonderful beautiful happy live.

Her channel are filled with non-political, just normal daily life videos of how is her live in Xinjiang as uighur:

(I shall note that I’m using Google Chrome translate function to read the titles of all of this videos)

Things like going to the market, or going with her grandparents to visit her cousin’s new home, or visiting a museum, she even has a video telling her viewers that they should go to Xinjiang to skii on the snow, and she has a video of her cooking naam with her mother.

None of this are political stuff. However, among all of her videos of her beautiful happy live, there’s one single video in which she actually expreses a political opinion:

And that one single video is this one:

In the video, she as a uyghur, as a native of Xinjiang, she’s angry at Pompeo’s accussations of genocide in Xinjiang.

Gotten of the transcription of what she says in the video:

The US Secretary of State Pompeo announced that the United States issued a declaration which officially recognized that China is committing genocide and crimes against humanity against uighur muslims and other ethnic minorities

She says that to see those false statements from Pompeo meant to discredit Xinjiang feels really outrageous and funny, and she, as a native of Xinjiang can not stand this fallacy.

They spread a lot of falsehoods on issues related to Xinjiang, their intentions is to provoke ethnic tensions in Xinjiang to undermine their stability and hinder the development of a peaceful coexistance that they have.

Then she mentions something about there been great rivers and mountains in Xinjiang, they live their lives freely, she mentions that Pompeo’s remarks are entirely fictional, and then, by the end she mentions that she and her sisters are at some ski resorts and invites her viewrs to come and play with them

And that was the only one single video in which she expressed any kind of opinion towards a political related issue. The rest of her videos are just her happy normal live with her family and friends.

As you can see, in her only video that has a political related opinion, she said that genocide accussations of uyghurs by China is nonsense, and she kinda gets the perception that the US wants to create problems for China and create ethnic tensions and instabilities in Xinjiang.

And while I’m neither chinese, nor I live in China, I have to say, that I agree with her perception on that. Furthermore, an actual 31 years of experience US army Colonel have openly stated that the CIA would like to form an unrest in Xinjiang to weaponize uyghurs as a tool against China, and that they are in Afganisthan to be able to do that, as well as to be able to strike the Belt and Road innitiative in the future with military power:

Not only that, but apparently, there’s an FBI whistleblower, Sibel Edmonds, who stated that the United States of America has planned each and every single terrorist attack on Xinjiang between 1996 and 2002:

However, I don’t think she can reveal much eaither, because the US attorney-general imposed a state secrets privilege order on her, which prevents her from revealing more information about the FBI.

And there are actually many uyghurs, who although don’t have their own individual Youtube channels, have appeared in as compilation of videos in a channel called Real Xinjiang:

In the channel of Real Xinjiang, there so many videos, some videos are compilations of Douyin - TikTok China videos of uyghur people, tajiks and other people living in Xinjiang, because yes, they do use chinese social media, and people can see those videos, and there videos as well with compilations of testimonies of people who do live in Xinjiang refuting this so called “genocide” which for them, doesn’t make any sense:

Just like anybody else in China, uyghurs can make their own Douyin Tik Tok account and post videos, do these people look like they are going through a genocide? People share parts of their lives through social media, people in China have their own social media platforms, and it is pretty imposible that the government could hide a genocide of any ethnic group from the rest of chinese citizens and for them to agree with it. Do people in western countries, in the US, Europe, Australia, and other parts of the world seriously think the rest of China’s citizens wouldn’t realize or wouldn’t care if there was a genocide or concentration camps going on?

Here’s one of the many videos of normal people, everyday citizens of Xinjiang speaking out, talking about how outrageous Pompeo’s remarks and accussations of genocide are, and they are actually angry about him:

Many citizens of Xinjiang are getting the news that the Secretary of the United States of America, Mike Pompeo declared that China is committing genocide, and they are starting to speak up.

And all these citizens of Xinjiang, uyghurs, tajiks, etc… all of them are saying things like:

Pompeo, you are speaking nonsense.

Pompeo, you are crazy.

Please stop this slander about Xinjiang

So, people in Xinjiang are very angry at Mike Pompeo for his baseless accussation of genocide.

But not only they are angry at Mike Pompeo.

Now they are also angry at Adrian Zenz.

Apparently businesses and individuals in Xinjiang want to sue Adrian Zenz because the falsehoods and slanders of his reports which are been used by the United States as excuses for sanctions against businesses in Xinjiang, are causing them economic damages:

Here are some short videos explaining Zenz lies:

Here’s a Youtuber, who is not a uyghur, but rather a Hong Kong / Canadian. He has gone several times to Xinjiang and has a series of like 7 videos (by this moment of me writting this answer).

Like this one in which he goes to night disco dance karaoke club, filled with uyghurs and ethnic uyghur music which seems very popular there:

Here’s also a video of him with a camera peacefully talking with a policeman, and guess what happened? Nothing! Nobody cared of him talking with a policeman holding a camera in front of his face:

( Not only the policeman is friendly and approacheable, he is also an ethnic uyghur himself )

Now, here’s another channel, from another ethnic uighur vlogger which as well uploads her videos to Youtube

GuLi XinJiang
I am Guli, a Uyghur girl from Yili, Xinjiang. Let you experience a different mysterious Xinjiang! This YouTube channel is the official channel of Xinjiang Yili Guli, please don’t make a mistake! It is forbidden to steal the video without permission, please indicate the source for reprinting!

She’s named Guli, and in case you are wondering, she’s not the same Guli from the first channel I wrote in this post, she’s another Guli, as it turns Guli seems to be a common name for girls in Xinjiang, I think, specially among Uighur girls.

Now many of her videos seem to be more about art and history of many places in China.

While most of her videos seem to be about things like art, history, places in Xinjiang and other parts of China, as well as other miscelaneus stuff like mounting horses or been around camels, as it comes for me writting this post about uyghurs in China, I think there’s a video that really catched my atention:

Which is this one:

The title says that she went to Wuhan to slap (in metaphorical sense) foreigners who say things like that China don’t have human rights and believes.

This uyghur girl is clearly angry at all those people from outside claimming that her country doesn’t have human rights and doesn’t allow believes.

Now, seen all of this, I think that most uyghurs certainly have happy normal lives, and the accussations of genocide and mass concentration camps and all of that are ridiculous.

But in general, what I wanted to do with this post was not to make just another debunk compilating the accussations and analizing their origins and their veracity, with this post I decided to take a different approach to show people uyghurs do indeed have happy normal lives in Xinjiang and in China in general.

The reason for me to do this is because I want people to ask themselves if what media tries to make them believe is really true or if it even makes sense.

So far, the US politicians and now, Canada as well have ridiculously declared that China is committing genocide against uyghurs, and this doesn’t makes any sense in my opinion.

So reading all of this post, and watching all the evidences I have compiled and want people to ask themselves the question:

If there was a real genocide going on, if millions of uyghurs were put inside concentration camps, womens raped, organs harvested, mass forced sterilizations, systematic oppression against uyghurs, if all of those were real, would uyghurs be able to live the peaceful happy normal lives they currently have? Even if you tell me, well maybe those specific uyghur individuals haven’t suffered that, if there were other millions of uyghurs going through all of that, do you seriously think, this non-directly affected uyghurs would feel safe about their lives and happy in China, furthermore, if millions were oppressed and other millions were not, with there been like 20 million uyghurs in all of China, like 13 million in Xinjiang, if 1 to 2 millions were going through all that, which is almost 1/10 of uyghurs in Xinjiang or whole China, it would almost guarantee that for almost every family, they would have at least one family member (a father, an uncle, a cousin, a brother, a mother, etc…) going through the oppression, do you really think the rest of uyghurs would be able to live happy if members of their family were oppressed put in concentration camps to be raped and tortured like that, even if they themselves are not as individuals?

And with this I want people to realize, that the real reasons behind this accussations of oppressions against uyghurs, of putting them in concentration camps and of genocide are nothing but political tools to take actions which might actually end up hurting the same people they are pretending to help. And those actions could be sanctions to businesses in Xinjiang which would hurt uyghurs’ incomes, and perhaps even supporting terrorism as “freedom fighters / moderate rebels”, which would cause the death of people in Xinjiang, including uyghurs.

If you as a human being do really care about uyghurs, their lives or human rights in general, then you should be denouncing and fighting back against US-UK-Canda / 5 Eyes Alliance / NATO propaganda falsehoods about China, because if there’s anything oppressive toward uyghurs in China, that’s going to be economical sanctions against companies and businesses in Xinjiang from western countries, which will hurt the incomes of uyghur families, the income they need in order to buy their food, their clothes, pay tap water and electricity services, internet services, send their kids to school, buy school supplies too, etc…, and perhaps even US support of terrorism, as they have already gotten a highly dangerous terrorist organization, ETIM /TIP, out of their list of terrorists organizations, simply because they want to commit their acts of terrorism in Xinjiang, in China, which clearly shows that the US government doesn’t really care about the lives of human beings in Xinjiang, uyghurs included, but they want to use a false narraive about uyghur in China for their own evil intended purposes.

If you liked this post, don’t forget to upvote and share this as much as possible, with you work mates, with your family and friends, your school or university teachers, with as much people as you can, because the world is filled with lies, and those lies have real life consecuences. We don’t need more lies like Iraq’s WMD in our lives. Humanity needs and deserves peace!

By the way, if you haven’t read my previous answer, in which you can track the origin and sources about the evil intended rumours about Xinjiang and who are the people behind those rumours, accussations, and false report propaganda campaings which are used for political reasons, then this answer is also a good read which might help you understand the truth of it:

(Please note that Uyghur and Uighur are both acceptable spellings and are used interchangeably in this answer.)

A better question would be, are they really getting mistreated? If so much how of what we think as mistreatment is real or not?

In fact, this question (What are Uyghurs doing to fight back against the mistreatment they receive from China?) is an example of Complex Question Fallacy.

This is the “How many times per day do you beat your wife?” type of question, which somehow assumes you beat your wife even if it isn’t really a fact.

But, continuing to answer this biased question, let’s take a small look at some of the biased sources and disinformation out there (disinformation being defined by Merriam Webster Dictionary as “false information deliberately and often covertly spread (as by the planting of rumors) in order to influence public opinion or obscure the truth”).

This is an example:

No, this is not a video of a Chinese soldier beating a Uyghur Muslim for having a copy of the Koran

Person thrashed by Chinese army for possessing Quran? No, video from Indonesia - Alt News

Here they claim it was a Chinese soldier beating a Uyghur Muslim because the said Uyghur had a copy of the Quran in his house. The written message continues saying that we should send this to everybody so that they can know what is happening in “East Turkestan” (a name used by pro-separatists to refer to Xinjiang province of China as if it was a separate country). Then it follows with a claim that somehow China is killing all Muslims.

I don’t know who started this or when, but this is a clear example of disinformation: somebody with an agenda took a video of an Indonesian soldier beating a thief which went viral in 2017, and used it some years later to show it as a if it was a Chinese soldier beating a Uyghur. Not only that, they even added a tiny icon of the chinese flag in the right-hand corner to say this was happening in China:

Although in the video you can clearly hear the words “ampun pak” which is how Indonesians ask for forgiveness.

Here is the full video:

But who would make such an evil thing? Purposely lying to everybody, spreading false information, starting small and then making it go viral?

Well, most likely, separatist forces or separatist organizations in Xiangyang. It is really hard to track when it started or who started it, but that’s just one example.

Someone did this and that person had an agenda. This is important to remember.


Now that we have seen this, let’s focus on something bigger.

This article from Reuters claims there are about 1 million Uyghurs detained in “concentration camps”.

U.N. says it has credible reports that China holds million Uyghurs in secret camps

This so called “millions of Uyghurs in camps” has been treated almost universally as a fact in all large and mainstream/important media corporations and news outlets throughout all of the US, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Germany, France, etc. In general, all of Europe, Five Eyes Alliance countries’ media, NATO countries’ media, European Union countries’ media.

Not only that, these media are telling us that it is the United Nations which is saying this.

China detains one million Uighurs, UN told

1 million Uighurs in Chinese 'internment camps,' UN hears | DW | 10.08.2018

However, in reality, the claims were said by a single member (only one from the United States) of an independent committee within the UN, and that this independent committee is made of independent experts, meaning that they are not UN officials, nor they can represent the UN as a whole.

Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

The only member of that independent committe who stated this was a US-appointed member, Gay Mcdougal. She doesn’t represent the entire committee, and this committee in turn doesn’t represent the UN.

She also couldn’t even give the names of any of her sources:

UN panel concerned at reported Chinese detention of Uighurs

Now, an organization did send a report to that committe, and that organization is CHRD - Chinese Human Right Defenders, based on their own studies and the studies of someone called Adrian Zenz.

And how did they came up with this number? Like this:

China: Massive Numbers of Uyghurs & Other Ethnic Minorities Forced into Re-education Programs

They claimed that they interviewed 8 anonymous Uyghurs in Kashgar (and there is no way to even prove if they really interviewed anybody, but anyway, let’s continue). In the interviews they asked how many people from their villages were detained and what the total population of their towns was.

The result was that about 10% of the population of each of these 8 villages were “detained”, and interviewees number 7 and number 8 stated that they also knew how many were attending daily day/evening classes which were not detainned which according to them was about 20%.

For clarity, these 8 small villages are all in this single Kashgar prefecture of Xinjiang province (the area marked in red):

They then took this “Kashgar percentage” and multiplied it for the entire rural Uyghur population in all of the prefectures of southern Xinjiang. This is an enormous region with a large population (see marked here the blue area classed as southern Xinjiang, which again Kashgar is just one, small subdivision of):

You can’t just ask 8 people from 8 tiny villages in a very tiny region, and then extrapolate that into millions of people within an area that is 1.665 million square kilometres.

2,245 were the number of “detainees” they got from supposedly interviewing 8 “anonymous uyghurs”. The so called millions were, well, I guess you could say invented!

But hey, there is another source that says that roughly hundreds of thousands, or maybe millions of Uyghurs are been detained.

For those who don’t know, Adrian Zenz is a right wing fundamentalist Christian.

Co-author of the book: “Worthy to Escape: Why all believers will not be raptured before the Tribulation”

Adrian Zenz is against gender equality, in favor of “scriptural spanking”, physical punishment of children and against homosexuality. Furthermore, he believes that gender equality, banning physical punishment of children and the existence of homosexuality are also things of Satan and a threat to Christianity.

And this guy, Zenz, also believes that has been “led by God” to some sort of divine mission / holly crusade against China.

Zenz likes to present himself as a “german independent researcher” as well as a “scholar”. He authored this “study” confirming what he considers to be the numbers.

How did we get to the number of 1.5 million Muslims imprisoned in China?

Here is Zenz’s “study”:

NEW (Sept 2018) "Thoroughly Reforming Them Towards a Healthy Heart Attitude" - China's Political Re-Education Campaign in Xinjiang

The figures are based on a single report of a so-called “leaked document” obtained by a pro-separatist agenda media organization called Istqlal TV, which was then re-published by Newsweek Japan here: ウイグル絶望収容所の収監者数は89万人以上

The unverifiable table given by Istqlal TV, which Zenz used in his “study”, claimed that about 820,000 people were detained. But, Zenz also wrote, perhaps as a way to avoid responsibility for that: “The accuracy of this estimate is of course predicated on the supposed validity of the stated sources”.

For those who don’t know, the source, Istqlal TV, is also known for having Abdulkadir Yapuquan as a frequent guest, who is a senior leader of a terrorist organization ETIM - (East Turkestan Islamic Movement):

Uighur dissident in Turkey fights effort to extradite him to China


Abdulkadir Yapuquan, China’s most wanted Uighur, freed in Turkey

ETIM are also known to have ties with Al Qaeda, The Taliban and they have even met Osama Bin Laden:


They are also said to be involved in Syria’s civil war:

Syria says up to 5,000 Chinese Uighurs fighting in militant groups - uighur.nl

They even recruit and brainwash children to turn them into terrorists soldiers:

Yep, Abdulkadir Yapuquan is the kind of person Istqlal TV likes to invite onto their programs. And yes, this is also the kind of source Zenz is willing to use in his studies in his “mission” against China if it suits him.

At a convention in Geneva Zenz claimed that “although speculative, there are probably 1.5 million detained uyghurs in concentration camps”:

1.5 million Muslims could be detained in China's Xinjiang: academic

Zenz then, without any kind of proof whatsoever, randomly bumps up the figure again, this time now into 1.8 million uyghurs in an interview with Radio Free Asia:

By the way, the first estimate is about numbers detained in these so called “concentration camps” (or re-education and vocational trainning centers).

The first estimate ever given on this was about 120,000 uyghurs, published by Radio Free Asia in 2018-01-22, before CHRD, Istqlal TV and Adrian Zenz decided to take on the issue.

Around 120,000 Uyghurs Detained For Political Re-Education in Xinjiang’s Kashgar Prefecture

Wow, did you see that? What a trend! The figures increase every time!

Let’s break it down into a chronology:

First Radio Free Asia says 120,000, we don’t know quite why.

Then CHRD makes up numbers by suppossedly interviewing 8 anonymous Uyghurs in 8 tiny villages in a tiny area of Xinjiang, then use some weird extrapolation tactic, and Ta-dah! - millions of Uyghurs are in “concentration camps”.

Zenz takes an allegedly “leaked” report which somehow got into the hands of a pro-separatist internet media organization, Istqlal TV. This media station, completely coincidentally, likes to regularly invite one of the senior leaders of ETIM, a terrorist organization, with a motive for people to believe this, onto their show.

The so called “leak” obtained by this pro-separatist outlet talks about 820,000 people in re-education centers (or according to Istqlal TV and Zenz, “concentration camps”).

Zenz then uses this so called 820,000 “leaked document” (potentially a false or modified document by the way, we have no way to know) to somehow speculate in his study that between hundreds of thousands to perhaps above a million people are detained.

He then further inflates the figure into 1.5 million people in a Geneva Convention, so now there are not 820,000 but 1.5 million.

For his next trick, he then he randomly increases the figure again to 1.8 million Uyghurs in an interview in Radio Free Asia, so now there not 1.5 million Uyghurs anymore, but 1.8 millions uyghurs instead.

At this point one might even wonder if this fundamentalist Christian doesn’t know that lying is a sin, but he is after all on a divine mission against China given by God. Maybe he can make a slightly sinful sacrifice and take certain liberties when it comes to handling information and telling the truth for fulfilling his “God’s given mission” against China.

Besides Zenz, CHRD, Istqlal TV and Radio Free Asia there are several other organizations related to this topic, for example the World Uyghur Congress (WUC):

The WUC was created by Erkin Alptekin, a man who wanted to “see the fall of China” and turn the province of Xinjiang into an independent state called East Turkistan. Its sole purpose and main objective is to push forward a separatist agenda on Xinjiang.


The WUC claims to strive to promote “democracy, human rights and freedom” through “peaceful, nonviolent and democratic” means.

But it’s not like the WUC were friends with or had at any point any kind of connection to certain leaders of violent paramilitary organizations, right?

Wrong, there you have the founder of the WUC, Erkin Alptekin, meeting with the de-facto leader of the Grey Wolves, a paramilitary group. The Grey Wolves are known for committing acts of violence:

Turkish Grey Wolves target ‘Chinese’

These include a bomb attack on a Hindu Shrine in Thailand which killed 20 people, among which 10 were Chinese tourists:

Thailand's Shrine Bombing - The Case For Turkey's Grey Wolves

The attack is believed to be linked to Thailand deporting Uyghurs who were suspected of being influenced by the East Turkestan Islamic Movement. They were deeemd as terrorists on their way to Turkey, Syria and Iraq to fight in support of terrorist activities there, and at least 13 of them have been linked to committed terrorist acts.

Uighurs 'on way to jihad' returned to China in hoods


And does anybody here knows what do most of these have in common, besides constantly trying to make it look like China is mistreating Uyghurs?

Well, most of these have some sort of ties with or support from the US government (strap in, this hole goes quite deep).

For instance, our favorite holy crusader, Adrian Zenz. Besides being a fundamentalist Christian who somehow believes gender equality, homosexuality and banning violence against children are forces of Satan and the anti-Christ that threaten Christianity, he also happens to believe he is on a God given mission against China. His public persona, however, is as a “German independent researcher and scholar”. He also, incidentally, works for an organization created by the government of the United States, the Victims Of Communism Memorial Foundation (VCMF):

The VCMF was created by a US Congressional Act signed by President Bill Clinton on December 17, 1993, and President George W. Bush was an Honorary Chairman of said Foundation.

Among the founding members of the Victims of Communism memorial foundation we can find:

The National Security advisor of President Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who among his views, believed that the United States should take action to limit Mexico’s industrial and technological development. In his own words: “We cannot tolerate another Japan south of the border”.

Besides that, the VCMF is basically an offshoot of the National Captive Nations Committe, an organisation created by the United States in 1959 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. The National Captive Nations Committe is essentially the front of former Nazi collaborators and extreme rightwing totalitarians, mainly the OUN - B (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists - Banderists). Furthermore, Lev Dobriansky, a founding member of the VCMF, was also the chairman of the National Captive Nations Committe, and the co-chairmain of said Committe was Yaroslav Stetsko, who was the leader of the OUN-B, essentially an unpunished war criminal. The OUN-B collaborated with the Nazis in killing possibly hundreds of thousands of Poles during the “Volhynian Massacres”, as well as Jews and Russians, people they wanted to “purge” from Ukranian territory.

The Genocide on Poles Conducted by the OUN-B and UPA.

Seven Decades of Nazi Collaboration: America's Dirty Little Ukraine Secret - FPIF

A recap: as we know, Zenz was also interviewed by Radio Free Asia, and Radio Free Asia was created by the US government to fight an ideological battle against certain countries in 1951, and has been spouting China-bashing propaganda ever since.

A CIA library document about Radio Free Asia: http://www.foia.cia.gov/sites/default/files/document_conversions/89801/DOC_0000846953.pdf

Which, by the way, was part of greater combined effort to push propaganda all throughout the entire world in order to shape and reshape world opinion as they pleased:

"Worldwide Propaganda Network Built by the C.I.A.” New York Times. December 26, 1977.

Here are the confessions of ex- CIA officer John Stockwell talking about how public disinformation was always a big part of the CIA’s strategy:

John Stockwell was a CIA officer for 13 years, he served in Africa and Vietnam and eventually on a subcomitee of the National Security Council in Washington DC. He also ran covert action operations from Washington as chief of task forces in Angola. He said that realising massive amount of disinformation to shape public opinion was by far one of the main tasks of the CIA.

He has also said that they often contacted journalists and gave them true stories, then get information from him as well, and finally give him false stories. He said that he knew about 400 journalists were cooperating with the CIA to consciously introduce false stories, including some of the biggest names in the industry. He also said that about 1/3 of his staff about Angola worked in propaganda. He also talked that how they invented stories about atrocities in Cuba, including one about Cuban rapists including with staged photos.

These kinds of things were also done during the Vietnam War extensively, including over one thousand books, hundreds of which were in English for US audiences, all sponsored by the CIA. When the Church Comitee, due to the Watergate sacandal, had to investigate the abuses of FBI, NSA, CIA and more and discovered the false history books created by CIA, they asked for the titles so that universities could at least put a stamp on the books to say that it was a CIA version of the story. Predictably they refused because it was comissioned to protect the method and sources, and the sources were officers who wrote those false propaganda books, some of whom even became distinguished scholars and journalists.

When he started he thought he was doing something good, to help spread democracy. But after his 13 years of work for the CIA he became disillusioned. Dissapointed, he became a critic of the CIA, and after those 13 years, these are the conclusions of John Stockwell.

Another ex-officer who quit the CIA and became a critic of the actions of the organization is Ralph Mcgehee, also the author of the book Deadly Deceits, which told how public mass disinformation campaigns were a very large part of the CIA’s job .

Another person who has dared to talk about CIA disinformation campaigns was the German Journalist Udo Ufkotte, who was bribed by the CIA to publish false news.

Here he speaks about how he has been a journalist for 25 years and that he was taught to lie, to betray and not to tell the truth. That he writes only Pro-European Pro-American, pro-NATO, anti-Russian, pro war propaganda, and that this is happening in all media throughout Europe:

Udo Ulfkotte used to work at the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - FAZ, but when he started to notice that the trend was to push Europe to war against Russia, he decided to stop and speak out publicly against it. Udo Ulfkote was also sent in 1988 to the Gulf region to take pictures about how Iranians were killed with chemical poisonous gas weapons during the Iraq-Iran war. The paper consequently only published a small article with a very small photo on the subject, the editors choosing not to write about how catastrophic and brutal it was to kill people with WW2 German poison gas in 1988. He felt missused for not being able to speak about what was happening behind closed doors. He also revealed that the paper wanted him to write an article about how Libya’s then leader, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, wanted to secretly build a poison gas factory, and the article was published two days later.

Udo Ulfkotte also said:

“Most of the journalists you see in foreign countries, they claim to be journalists and they might be. But many of them, like me in the past, are so-called 'non-official cover.' It means you work for an intelligence agency, you help them if they want you to. But they will never say they know you.”


They work on your ego, make you feel like you're important. And one day one of them will ask you 'Will you do me this favor?'

(That said, about Udo Ufkotte, wether he was or not a whistleblower is seen as more controversial, due to him having far-right views about inmigrants, and other issues. So because of those kinds of views, many people don’t consider him reliable. So I’ll leave it to your own opinion to belive Udo Ufkotte) That said, I think that with or without Udo Ufkotte, when we take into account the confessions from actual ex-CIA agents like John Stockwell. The study about the behaviour of press done by Noam Chomsky and investigations by Carl Bertein. And watching at the actual behaviour of media, I think anybody could see that there must be something wrong.

Carl Berstein, who worked with Bob Woodward with both of them being investigative journalists who uncovered and released much of the original reportings of Watergate, specifically mentions The New York Times, CBS and Time Inc. as some of the most valuable outlets among the media and news associations for the CIA.

In the words of the former CIA Director:

And lets not forget that Zbigniew Brzezinski, besides having been the National Security advisor of President Jimmy Carter, was also one of the founding members of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation:

As a side note, it is also interesting to note that Zbigniew’s daughter works as a journalist and political commentator at MSNBC.


But what about the WUC - World Uyghur Congress and the CHRD - Chinese Human Rights Defenders.

Well, it turns out they are both supported by an organization called the National Endowment for Democracy - NED.

If we search the NED grant database, which only goes back to 2016, we see that in that period the WUC have received five grants for a total of $1,284,000

NED Grant Search

For the CHRD, trying to find their donors is more difficult, but independent researchers of The Grayzone have found that National Endowment for Democracy has provided them $490,000 in 2012 Form 990 (2002-2015)

$520,000 in 2013 Form 990 (2002-2015)

$514,068 in 2014 Form 990 (2002-2015)

So why does it matter that they are getting money from an organization called the National Endowment for Democracy?

Well, because the National Endowment for Democracy, despite presenting itself as an “NGO” - (Non Governmental Organization, usually with some kind of charitable mission), is in reality an extension of existing US foreign policy tools, and perhaps one of the most important ones.


After WWII, the US had been secretly sending advisers, equipment and funds to certain newspapers and political parties, and when it was revealed in the 1960’s that the CIA was covertly giving money to different organizations in order to wage a battle of ideas, they concluded they needed a “public-private mechanism” to fund overseas activities.

They also state that they encourage what they call “democratic development” consistent with the interests of both the US and the groups receiving assistance. As well, they say that funding flows from the United States Information Agency to the National Endowment for Democracy.

(And I shall say that considering how the NED is giving funds to anti-China, pro-separatists organizations like the World Uyghur Congress, well, that really tells us quite a lot about the interests of the United States)

They also tell us about the links between the National Endowment for Democracy, the AFL-CIO and the Free Trade Union Institute, which they used to infiltrate and control the labour unions of many countries throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

And they also tell us that right after the National Endowment for Democracy was created, the establishment of the CIPE, the NDI, the IRI and FTUI, currently known as the Solidarity Center, quickly followed. The National Endowment for Democracy became an umbrella organization for these other four organizations as well.

The NED is largely funded by the Congress of the United States, and created jointly by both Republicans and Democrats, and governed by a board of members of both parties.

About the National Endowment for Democracy - NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR DEMOCRACY

Now, to everyone who has managed to keep reading this far: all of the above about the CIA, and the words of John Stockwell, Udo Ulfkotte, Ralph Mcgehee, Carl Bernstein, Willian Casey and Zbigniew Brzezinski, next are the words of the co-founder of National Endowment for Democracy, Allen Weinstein:

From the organisation’s own founder.

But that’s not all. Here is what James Ciment and Immanuel Ness wrote about Allen Weinstein’s words in their article “NED and the Emperor’s New Clothes” for Covert Action Quarterly Magazine:

According to them, Weinstein was not being entirely fair.

Although the NED’s funding was smaller than the CIA’s, the NED is more subtle, sophisticated and even polically acceptable method for furthering US foreign policy interests. While the CIA crushed democratic movements, the NED cooperated with them by making them dependent for funding on the US, or by recruiting their leaders or excluding them altogether. The NED was essentially a tool to create a political consensus shaped in the US’s own image.

They also tell us that the NED was created to fund pro-American political groups all around the world, and to diminish the negative impact of congressional exposes of CIA covert actions. The NED was suposed to be a “respectable means to achieve the same objectives as those of the CIA.”

For those who don’t know what is Covert Action Magazine, you should know that it was co-founded by ex CIA officers, like James Wilcott, Elsie Wilcott, and Philip Agee. Agee decided to quit the CIA and became a critic of the organisation after the Tlatelolco massacre in Mexico City in 1968. The magazine developed a following not as a conspiracy-theory related publication, but as a source for reliable, consistent, and accurate investigative reporting.

History - CovertAction Magazine

To illustrate more about the activities of National Endowment for Democracy, I’m going to cite extracts of texts of the book “Rogue State” by the American historian and US foreign policy critic William Blum which can be found on his oficial website:

Trojan Horse: The National Endowment for Democracy

The NED has manipulated elections in Nicaragua and Mongolia. The NED has even helped overthrow democratically elected governments in Bulgaria and Albania and worked to defeat the candidate for prime Minister in Slovakia who was out of favor in Washington. As well they supported a coalition in Haiti against Jean Bertrand Aristide.

The NED also mounted multi-level campaigns in the Phillipines in the mid 80’s, funding private organizations, including unions and media. This was a replica of typical CIA operations of pre-NED days.

The NED, like the CIA before it, calls what it does “supporting democracy”. The governments and movements that the NED targets call it by its real name: destabilization.

About the National Endowment for Democracy - NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR DEMOCRACY

As we have already seen, the NED is meant to support pro-US political groups around the world, and create a political consensus shaped in America’s own image. The NED themselves say that they give more than 1,600 grants to different organizations around the world in more than 90 countries. We also know that this organization, besides being pro-US, can be supportive of certain politicans or against certain politicians, like in Nicaragua and Mongolia. They have assisted groups with a regime change agenda, including to take down democratically elected leaders as has happened in Bulgaria and Albania. Other groups they help can be separatists, for example the World Uyghur Congress in China.

If we search the NED database of grants from 2016 to the present, we can find:

For Uyghurs: NED Grant Search

For Tibet: NED Grant Search

For Hong Kong: NED Grant Search

This is if we search for China as a whole: NED Grant Search

And this one to support pro-USA political groups through the entire World since 2016 until the present:

NED Grant Search

When Donald Trump won the elections, members of the US government were quick to make a scandal about how it might has been Russia which may have interfered in the elections, according to their theories. The US is very wary when it comes to other countries interfering in their internal affairs, even though they have no qualms when it comes to them doing exactly the same in the internal affairs of the rest of the World (the irony).


The US manipulates a lot of the information we get about events and controls the narratives and story telling of many global issues. They always tell their own crafted versions of the story, not for the benefit of humanity as a whole, but for their own selfish interests.

Another famous example: the US used a false flag operation to say Vietnam had attacked them so they had a public excuse to enter the Vietnam War:

Or like that time they were planning to perpetrate terrorist acts against their own civilians, in order to blame Cuba and have an excuse for the military to invade them:

When the US was supporting Iraq in the Iraq-Iran war in 1988, they knew Iraq would use sarin and mustard gas, both banned by the Genneva Protocol following WWII. The US was not only totally okay with it, the US provided the imagery and maps to make using those weapons a success, fully knowing that this attack would result in the horrible death of thousands of civilians, many of them women, children and elderly people.

Exclusive: CIA Files Prove America Helped Saddam as He Gassed Iran

1925 Geneva Protocol

And a few decades later, when it became more convenient for the US to overthrow Saddam Hussein, the US decided to go with the excuse of attacking them because they claimed Iraq had Weapons of Mass destruction, even though ironically this time they didn’t had any:

There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq

The Iraq War: In the beginning was the lie | DW | 09.04.2018

This war is estimated to have brought death to nearly a million innocent civilians, and displacement to many millions more:

And not only were there lies about WMD, there were no ties between Iraq’s government and Al Qaeda, which the US also used as an excuse to invade Iraq

Panel Finds No Qaeda-Iraq Tie; Describes a Wider Plot for 9/11

Furthermore, the Pentagon spend $500,000,000 to make fake Al-Qaeda videos:

The Pentagon paid $500m to make fake terrorist propaganda videos

And when it comes to push forward an agenda, even personal testimonies can be faked:

How False Testimony and a Massive U.S. Propaganda Machine Bolstered George H.W. Bush’s War on Iraq

And when it comes to all of this, do people seriously think this is all about promoting democracy and human rights?

No, there is always another ulterior motive, because while the Media and Politicians publicly speak about supporting freedom and human rights, this what politicians say behind the cameras:

This document was from Hillary Clinton’s released emails from Wikileaks. She reveals that President Nicolas Sarkozy committed France to attack Libya and overthrow the Gaddafi regime because he wanted a greater share of Libya’s oil, increase French influence in North Africa, improve his own political situation inside of France, reassert the French military’s position in the world, and avoid the rise of a gold backed currency called the Gold Dinar which would have given Francophone Africa another option to the CFA dollar (a threat to French controlled financial institutions).

To be more specific, Libya had 143 tons of gold and a similar amount of silver before the invasion. Furthermore, as long as France can control the CFA zone policies, France can act as a leech, sucking up the resources of other poor CFA member African countries.

‘La Françafrique’: The Special Relationship Between France and Its Former Colonies in Africa

Countries in the CFA Franc zone are required to deposit 50% of their foreign exchange surpluses into a French operations account. Besides this, due to the fixed parity, countries that use the CFA Franc suffer from the highly valued euro and have difficulties in exporting their goods because they cannot make their prices competitive (for example, they cannot devalue the currency or create money according to their needs, which would make their goods cheaper for importers to buy). On the other hand, these poorer CFA zone countries purchase most of their foreign goods in a strong currency (euro) while they sell local products in dollars (a weaker currency). This means that they have higher expenditures and lower revenues from international trade. Clearly, fixed parity with the euro benefits more foreign investors who want to repatriate their money and not those countries.

African economists denounce this practice as ‘monetary servitude’. According to Demba Moussa Dembélé, those bank deposits ‘deprive concerned countries of cash’. Furthermore, France gets privileged access to its former colonies’ raw materials and markets. Economic cooperation agreements continue to maintain trade arrangements that are preferential to France with the newly independent States.


Personally, I don’t think China has any particular problem with Muslims in general. As an example, you can see this video of how Chinese Muslims in QingHai XiNing are celebrating the end of Ramadam, also known as Eid ul fitr (note: the video says in Xinjian, but the title is wrong)

If you want to see Xinjiang more in the present here’s a random video I found showing a typical day in Uruqm - everything seems peaceful and normal, as of January 30th 2020. I didn’t see any “oppression” in the video. And before somebody claims that it is CCP propaganda, I have to say that I deliberately picked a youtube channel that doesn’t even have 300 subscribers.

This isn’t effective as propaganda given that it has too few views and too few subscribers.

*This video only has 11k views and the channel only has 269 subscribers.

(I’m saying this because, somehow there seems to be people in this world that believe that everything that comes from China is propaganda, like a Youtuber can’t show anything good in China or say anything good in China, because otherwise they are part of the CCP and paid “wumaos”)

Also, the chairman of the Xinjiang autonomous region, Shohrat Zakir, stated that all trainees have graduated from the vocational education and trainning centers in Xinjiang.


Here are some amazing sources of information which have served as major guides and compilations of evidences and from which I learned a lot of the details that helped me write this answer:

The Grayzone:

Other sources:

Other recommended articles:

Recommended books:

Recomended magazines for people interested in knowing about intelligence operations and geopolitics and interested in knowing what the Mainstream Media will never show us:

16 comments from Robert Leo and more

Was there once. It’s a 4 hours flight from where I live to Xinjiang, so it’s not like that I could go there every weekend.

I landed in Urumqi.

It was december 2018, the outside temperature was about -10C. Like I heard before, every public gathering places such as malls, bazars, etc have security check and police officers. It’s not convinient at all

But I don’t want to be targeted by the terrorists and religious extremists. I recall watched a news about a 7 year old girl got killed by a bomb in the bus when she was going to school.

It’s a nice place. However, due to the weather, no food stand was o

16 comments from Andrew Loh and more
Save companies and get notified of company activity so you can scale your personalized outreach.

I have met and spent time with the Uygur people of Xinjiang, and I am deeply impressed by their delicate looks and bright smiles. So I was astonished when I read the so-called "genocide" reports in the Western media.

In Xinjiang, the Uygur is not the only ethnic group actually. Since China is a multi-ethnic country, there are many people of different ethnic groups living in Xinjiang and they get along very well.

I have seen an interview in the past two days, which said that the ambassadors of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan visited Xinjiang just a few months ago. When asked what he saw and felt in Xin

67 comments from Pai How Nee and more

Remember this …

… or this …

These are just a few of the photos available on the internet taken by American soldiers and contractors during the Iraq war. Twenty years ago and what was happening in Iraq was at nothing like the scale being claimed for Xinjiang.

Yet somehow, millions of people (or perhaps mere hundreds of thousands - error bars vary) have been detained, tortured, raped and murdered - for years - but unaccountably without a single fragment of photographic or video evidence that comes close to the stuff we saw from Iraq nearly 20 years ago. When this was the most common phone on the pl

62 comments from Jamie Wang and more

Seeing is believing. Let me show you a pretty Xinjiang girl’s (Gulee) life in Xinjiang.

Episode 1: Gulee came home from thousands miles away and family members welcome her arrival.

Think about following questions:

  1. How many sisters and brothers did she have? Why such a family in China could have more than one child?
  2. In this video, she actually speaks two languages with her family, one of them is Chinese of course, guess what the other language is?

Episode 2: A normal lunch by “food delivery” in Xinjiang

Episode 3: Gulee in her grand

1 comment from Siew Wong

I was there, in around May 2017 IIRC.

No obviously I didn’t see “genocide” though I’d point out that of course, most Germans didn’t see genocide either obviously, if it’s literally dead people on the street, obviously visitors wouldn’t be welcomed.

However, I would point out that I did not like what I see there (at least, on a human / society level, the natural scenes were epic.)

It’s clear that there were tension, I’ve been to most areas in China, and only XJ has has a lot of armed check points, it also has a lot of unarmed checkpoint, though at that point most were not just unarmed, but also un


The issue is not Xinjiang or the cities .the issue are the camps. China government explained that the camp were only for extremists , but more than one million people is interned in these concentration camps .and the satellites pictures of these , as well as the vids online, shows that it's a growing number .I lived in china for 30 years until covid 19. I have many friends who tried to go there .let me tell you a story .A friend of mine talked online with another one of his friends about going there and seeing by themselves . 3 days later the police came to his place and he got detained for ab

1 comment from Siew Wong

I dare to say if anyone who has travelled to CHINA, should have witnessed that CHINA is different, its busy, advanced in most of the aspects and should have senses of safe, for its the safest societies once would encounter and experience in the West. Such harmonious societies with 56 ethical nations just couldn't be demonized by the WEST concocted Hoax about genocides Joke.

Its totally different what the Western Media has depicted and if you do stay in CHINA for long enough, you should also witness and could attest that such political system, the Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, is far b


Of course not. I went to several cities and tourist sites and didn’t see anything but very tight security, racial profiling, mild intimidation and more blatant propaganda. As a westerner I didn’t experience any hostility either. If it wasn’t for Chinese colleagues telling me to be careful about what I posted and said on-line before I went and a few unsolicited bad stories told to me by locals and a policeman, I might have overlooked the strange atmosphere, including a song about harmony being played repeatedly throughout a whole city 24 hours a day for a year and only noticed the beauty and very different culture that I came to see.

If instead of staying in a beautiful hotel in Kashgar I had booked a few nights in a detention camp, or instead of visiting UNESCO sites and areas of outstanding beauty I had volunteered for re-training. I might have seen and learned more.

You don’t need to witness things to judge how likely things are.

It is absolutely true. I visited Xinjiang myself and for pleasure, I have found access to a private working lady. She was a gorgeous girl, maybe a little thick, and we spent quality happy time together. After we are done, I asked her if the genocide was real, and she confirmed that it was absolutely happening. She had seen many of her fellow workers get arrested and dragged away to these “death camps.” After knowing I was a foreigner she asked if I could help her escape if she offered me another round. So we went back into action. I promised to share her story to the world to hear.

The reason why these wumao or Chinese sympathizers always claim that: “You can go to Xinjiang to see for yourself,” is because they know you won’t find the connections to these concentration camps. You need to go the right place to find out the truth like what I did! Sic semper tyrannis, Live free and love justice!

9 comments from Jamie Cawley and more

On a recreational trip 2 years ago, no. But plenty of beautiful girls (no burqa cover-ups), beautiful people, hospitable people, happy people in ancient bazaars, ancient mosques, great roasted meats that go well with local wine in Turpan.

Perhaps you may have to go to an ETIM controlled area to see such atrocities. But I doubt such areas now exist after the government stopped their terrorism in Xinjiang.

Recent incidents include the 1992 Ürümqi bombings,[9] the 1997 Ürümqi bus bombings,[7] the 2010 Aksu bombing,[10] the 2011 Hotan attack,[11] 2011 Kashgar attacks,[12] the 2014 Ürümqi attack.



Hahaha, I see Paul Lee guy made up a fascinating story.

To be honest, I’ve never seen anything special against minorities myself. There are 55 ethnics beside Han, I have many classmates are Manchurian, Korean, She, Hui, etc, they are everywhere.

And many of them are mixed blood, like some online celebrities, see below 多多其木格, she is half Mongolian half Manchurian, what part are you against to?

Only Xinjiang has 40+ ethnics, been mixed for hundreds of years, Uyghur people from north to south look different, so what kind of them are more likely to be oppressed?



I have lived in Xinjiang for nearly 40 years. On July 5, 2009, Uighurs carried out genocide and massacre on the Han nationality. According to the official report, nearly 200 Han people were killed that night. But I don't believe that there may be more deaths. The Uighur massacre, like Hitler's, caused the Han people to fight back. On July 6 (the second day), my classmate saw with his own eyes that a Uygur was attacked by a Han nationality. My classmate also protected the Uygur at that time. In fact, almost no Uighur people died, and only Han people were slaughtered unilaterally.

I won't forgive these butchers, and I won't like Uighurs, so I have to leave Xinjiang.

update:Pleasedon't call them Uighurs. I don't like that.These people cannot represent all Uyghurs.We should not blame the whole race.We should call them east Turkic terrorists.


Is that what you're talking about?All the pictures below are from GOOGLE.

However, this is what you see.

18 comments from Shawn Cheng and more

My assumption is that access to those “re-education camps” for non-Han Chinese citizens is by invitation only. How could a cursory tour of the province by an ousider establish what may be going on in there? China’s government has an image problem abroad. Asking patsy questions on Quora won’t fix that.

1 comment from Siew Wong

Asking this on quora is idiotic don’t you think so.

The answer will be either “Noo you stupid ignorant westerners” or “CoMmUnIsM Sucks!!!” or “oF cOurSe It Is, cHiNa iS a ToTaLiTarIan regime”

Or possibly “free hongkong” and even worse “USA!!! USA!!!!”

Hans are subjected to the one child policy for quite a long time, while minorities in China have more freedom to give birth to children. If there is a genocide in China, it is towards the Hans instead of towards the ethnic minorities.