Gwendoline Margaret Spurll

Gladys Photos From the 1920's

Gladys's mother

Gladys mother


GLadys's grandmother

Grandmother Kate Richardson and Aunt May

Aunt May always walked behind.

Title of Photo

short descr

Description of the photo

Teachers at Gertrude's School

photo of teachers

This is a group photo of the teachers, with Gertrude in the middle of the front row.

Gertrude with Students

Gertrude, Gladys's mother, with a class of students

Gertrude, Gladys's mother, with a group of students

Lena and Gladys

Lena and Gladys

Gladys with her favorite cousin Lena

The house at Thornton

THe house at Thornton

Description of the photo

Gladys age 4 Gladys age 4

Gladys age 4

Gladys age 4

Gladys and her family

 Birth family

I think this is a photo of Gladys with her parents and sister Winifred. The male adult
closely resembles the man in another photo, identified as Peart, but with another first
name. Gladys would be the one with the curly hair.

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